March 17, 2008

WEEK 10: Andorogynus / Asterix & Obelix / Hero Quest / Laydock 2


(full cover)

13 tracks, 12:16. Samples-

In the Wake of Andorognyus
The Andorogynus
At Last…

There isn’t much information available on this game, but it appears to be a 1987 Japanese sidescrolling shooter set in some sort of space-aquatic environment. A google search for this title will ask you if you meant Androgynous.

Andorogynus on Generation-MSX.


(full cover)

16 tracks, 26:34. Samples-

England Act 2
Helvetia Act 2
Intro Part 2

Based off of the popular french comic book series Asterix, Asterix and Obelix is one of the many titles in that franchise made by Infogrames. Released in 1999 for the gameboy color, this soundtrack features many catchy tunes. Thanks to MegaMatt for playing through and naming the tracks for me.

Explanation on the tagging- isn’t there a difference between classic gameboy and gameboy color games? Visually, yes, but they share the same sound. Emulated rips are in the same format regardless if they are “gb” or “gbc” games. So for this blog, all gb and gbc games will simply be tagged as “gb”.

Watch some of the Asterix cartoon show on youtube.


(full cover)

5 tracks, 10:35. Samples-

Main Theme
Final Track

This version of Hero Quest is from a non-comercially-released prototype. Based off of the board game with the same name, the nintendo game was being developed by Hasbro/ Gremlin until it was dropped. While other versions of Hero Quest were fully finished and made available for different platforms, this soundtrack is different from the rest. A playable rom has been ripped and distributed by one of the original programmers, and can be found around the ‘net. Music composed by Neil Baldwin.

Play hero quest via everyvideogame without downloading. (warning, site can be slow)


(full cover)

11 tracks, 19:17. Samples-

Area 1
Area 4

Laydock 2 is a 1988 space shmup released for the MSX. A couple level interludes can be watched on youtube, here and here. There is also a bunch of various gameplay footage scattered about.

Laydock 2 on Generation-MSX.

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